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    Macro listbox

      Hi there, in my application I have assigned various macros to buttons. However to simplify things a bit I would like to know if is there any way to create 'one button' that opens f.e. a listbox to choose the specific macro to run? I couldn't figure out how to do that. Thanks Mike

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          sujeet Singh

          Mike you can simply enter the list of macros as inline code





          Exel ];


          Now on Macros column write a trigger for it .

          I have not used it earlier but yes it could be right path to achieve what you want.

          Here is the sample i am attaching .

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              sujeet Singh

              In the sample file i posted you .

              -I have taken Macro field by inline scripting.

              -Now i called it in a listbox

              -Now Go to setting option available at top

              ->>then go to option Document Properties>>>>>

              -on selecting document properties a window comes with different TAB

              -now go to Trigger Tab

              -then go to Field Event Triggers


              Now there is button On Select  click it and add Action Run Macro ....




              In my sample i have done these steps there you will find an Action present as Run Macro an.