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    String Date YYYYMMDD > Epoch date comparison

    Robert Fishel

      Hello my QV friends.  I have been stuck on a problem for a couple of days now and just cannot figure out how to resolve the issue.  I am going to try to be as specific as possible. 


      I have created a variable named vTwoWeeksAgo.  It calculates today's date minus 14 days.


      SET vTwoWeeksAgo='';
      LET vTwoWeeksAgo=Date(Today()-14);


      I then use a LOAD statement that has the following field:




      Then in another LOAD statement I am trying to do the comparison:


      LOAD *
      WHERE DATECREATED > $(vTwoWeeksAgo);


      I "think" the problem is that I have two different types of dates.  My DateCreated field has the dates formatted first as YYYYMMDD, which I have converted to MM/DD/YYYY.  I then want to be able to find records that have this date greater than my variable.  However, I think my variable is being represented as the epoch date, a five digit date.  Please, what am I doing wrong?  Thanks so much