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    Dont understand the connection string

    Ferha Jafri

      Hello everyone,


      It is urgent.


      I need help ,Client provide me the connection string as


      Provider=SQLOLEDB.1;Data Source=X.X.X.X;Persist Security Info=True;User ID=eai_i_etdv;Initial Catalog=E1IntQA


      and i dont know how to do it as we so it directly through the wizard so how should i read this string sothat i can reach to the database.


      When i am typping this string in the script the ip address became red,so dont know how to do it.


      Thanks in advance

      Ferha Jafri

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          Aadil M

          use like below


          OLEDB CONNECT TO and then the your part.


          also.. i hope you also have the username and password for the connection..


          also an advice.. when posting on community.. please replace the IP and other client specific details with XX or some other characters.


          Better yet, try to create a OLEDB connection using the wizard to which ever SQL db you have access to .. and use the same script output that it generates.. and replace the IP and credentails with this one...


          hope this helps.

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            on the edit script screen there is a combo box on the bottom left called database.

            choose OLEDB and click on connect, then u will choose the provider for your db, just follow the screens and u will do it i`m quite sure ^^.


            I hope it helps