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    Section Access Issue/Bug


      We have Section Access implemented in our application based on a reduction field which is a compound key based on multiple fields.

      Many users have access to the app and based on the security key the users sees his data. This was working as expected till some users started missing some data. Randomly they don't see some data and it gets fixed in the next reload. Any idea on what the issue is?

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          Yuri Nicolett

          Show an example of your code

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              The section access code is like this:


              Section Access;


              [SECURITY KEY]


              The security .qvd contains all the Security keys formed using Autonumnberhah128(field1,field2,field3,field4,field5)

              All these NTNames have access 'User'

              there also Admins who have full access *

              We haven't enabled strict exclusion as it causes some issues for Admin users

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                  Peter Cammaert

                  A good approach to figure out what is being reduced too far for certain users, or is just missing altogether:


                  • Disable "Data Reduction based on..."
                  • Put the Section Access; statement in comments.
                  • Reload in your desktop (not on the server).
                  • Put a list box on a sheet that displays NTNAME.
                  • From this listbox, select a value that corresponds to a user with data problems.
                  • Follow all links and associations.


                  Is the required data present? Does everything turn out to be ok? Or are there problems with those same associations?