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    Problem with AGGR Function incl. Set-Analysis in Pivot Chart

    Carola Kofler



      I have a Pivot Chart in which I need to display the number of customers whose support period runs out in the selected quarter.My direct expression (using the Customer dimension as an active dimension) works fine - all relevant customers are listed.

      count({$<Quarter=, SupportEndQuarter={"$(=only(Quarter))"}>}distinct(CustomerID))


      The goal however is that the information summarized by sales region - the customer dimension cannot be used. I tried this:


      sum (aggr(count({$<Quarter=, SupportEndQuarter={"$(=only(Quarter))"}>}distinct(CustomerID)),CustomerID))

      But this does not capture the majority of customers. I tried the expression also WITH the CustomerID as an active dimension - still, only 10 % of the customers show.


      Many Thanks!