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    QVD Generator Issues

      Hello All,


      I have come across a weird situation and need help urgently.


      I placed my data at the specified location and ran the task on QMC. QVD's were generated and simultaneously the QVW file was populated using the generated QVD.


      I then picked up the QVD's only and copied them to another server. Subsequently, I ran the task on QMC of that server just to run the QVW application.


      Surprisingly in the first server, all the functionality is working fine. But in the second server, we are seeing several issues like unprompted selections are automatically made.


      Is it because I did not copy the CSV files to the second server location and just moved the QVD to run the task.

      I guess since the QVD's were created out of the same CSV files the QVD's could be used anywhere without having to load the CSV files every time.


      Kindly help me fast as I need it urgently.


      Thanks and Regards,

      Vishal Dwivedi