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    Bringing two servers into alignment



      I have two QV Servers, a Prod and a Dev.  Unfortunately the automated loading jobs have fallen out of sync.  I want to align them without the labour intensive task of setting everyone of them up.  My question is twofold;


      Firstly, can I quickly replicate all jobs from one server onto the other server?  Is there a file that holds this information that can be copied across?


      Secondly, should I want to keep some of the jobs on the second server, is there a way of merging the two sets of jobs?


      Many thanks for any guidance you may have.



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          Bill Britt

          Hi Steve,


          You can do this with the Remote Management Services in the QMC. This is under the system\setup tab.


          Remote Management Services


          In theRemote Management Services folder, tasks from the management services of remote servers can be imported. Each connection is set up by the user account of the current Management Service; hence, this account has to be a member of the QlikView Management API security group of the remote system.


          This function can be used to retrieve tasks between QlikView Publisher (QVP) environments, typically between a test system and a production system. To do this, a link, a remote management service, has to be set up in the production system, towards the test system. Using the link, tasks can be pulled from the test system into the production system. Since the test system usually has its own set of folders and servers, and other folders and servers are used in production, the test items have to be mapped to the production items. The link and the map are set up once only. Hence, when importing the tasks, the retrieval and mapping are performed automatically.