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    qlikview web server is not running.

      One suggested here qlikview web server machine is not running.

      my question is

      how users still able to open QEMC and access point?


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          Bill Britt



          The webserver can be installed and disable because the system is using IIS for the accesspoint.


          The QEMC is a separate webeserver and is not the sames as QV webserver or IIS.



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              Thanks for your valuable tips.

              We are using ie-plugin.


              please find the attached screenshot of our test structure.


              Someone suggested that-


              qlikview server (2 VIRTUAL SERVER)machine


              server 1
              QV Server
              Reload Eng
              QV Management Service]


              QV Web Server (this is the expected service to be utilized, but is currently not installed on that)
              QV Management Service (Only QV service installed)


              I have checked the following services are running on the 1st server




              1.qlikview server

              2.likview management service

              3.qlikview distribution service

              4.qlikview directory service connector.


              so please based on that suggest how accesspoint is running