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    Max(Aggr()) facing problem

      I am trying to find the max visits value from a trend chart for visits.


      I am using the following expression :

      =Max(Aggr(Sum({<Date={">=$(PrevMonth_2)<=$(=Date(Max(Date)))"}, Quarter=, [Ref]={'All'}>}Visits)/1000000,Date))


      Here, PrevMonth_2 is a variable that points to the six months
      prior to the current selected month i.e. start month of the trend.


      Ref={‘All’} condition is used so that I get all the visits for ‘all’ the referrals.

      Date is the variable that I have named for months.

      The above expression returns me only the visits for the latest selected Month (variable Date) i.e. the last data point of the trend.


      Kindly help me to resolve it. It is quite urgent.