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    Virtual Memory / pagefile.sys Settings

    Mark Ellis

      Our environment includes 2 clustered QVS servers one of which is also the Access Point. This is all these 2 servers do. They are both 2X16 core CPUs with 256GB RAM. We currently have the Virtual Memory set on these servers to "System managed" on an 800GB Data partition which is currently at a 262109 MB page file. We are NOT having any performance issues with our systems.  The problem is that we are hitting 75% usage of the Data partition usage with the 262109 MB page file.  So the question for you folks is do we really need a page file this big?  As far as I can tell QlikView apps are not spilling over into virtual memory which would be bad anyway for performance.  My thought is to reduce the VM setting down to 50 GB and free up the hard drive space. Any thoughts? Thanks.