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    Batch File to return success or failure

    Rajesh Vaswani

      Hi Folks,


      I have a requirement that at a particular time a batch file should run, fetch a file from SFTP location and then perform QVD reloads that will sue the file. I would like to achieve the same by creating a Job A in the QMC that will run the batch file and get the file. On success or failure of Job A, Job B should create the QVD's then the next Job to reload teh dashboard. Note that on Success of A, B will run, on success of B, C will run. There is a scenario where I would like to force fail the job. Say we have not received the file and Job A should fail which will send out a email. Then there will be manual intervention to look at getting the files.


      How do I make Job A fail which is a batch file execution, when the batch file did not get any file from SFTP? 



      Rajesh Vaswani