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    Straight Table Conditional Column Display

      I have the attached QVW that I'm working on.  Multiple selections can be made in the HANDLERID ListBox and any rows which *contain* those values should be returned.  The Expressions ListBox allows the user to choose which columns will be displayed in the table.  If the user selects only the Handler column to be displayed, my example is working correctly.  If the user chooses any other column to be displayed along with the Handler column, my example falls apart... all rows are being returned - not just those which match the selections in the HANDLERID ListBox.  I understand that I could put the same logic in the remaining columns as I did for the Handler column within the table itself, however, this example is a very small sample of what I need to accomplish.  In the end there will be around 20 ListBoxes which will need to function like the HANDLERID ListBox and there will be somewhere around 75-100 filters in the Expressions ListBox.  Is there any other way I can account for this functionality that I need?