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    Need Clarification immediately?

      Hi Team,


      I can developed the web application and trying to get the QlikView documents for specific user.


      Here,I got the user name from session id and formed the URL with document name .Then how do I authenticate this document in QlikView for that specified user?

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          Sudeep Mahapatra

          I think when you create a task for your QVW in QMC then you can setup the Distribution of this QVW. Users or group of users mentioned under Distribution will only be able to see this document.

          If you have a web application and from that webapp you are accessing the QlikView document then you need to use the same authentication layer at both the ends (at your web app and in the QlikView web layer).

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              No sudeep.

              I have created one web application in PHP. Then I need to integrate it with QlikView.

              Now there are lot of QV documents.From those documents,User will access their documents only and they can only access that specific document.

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                  Sudeep Mahapatra

                  Do you have some kind of hyperlinks to the QVWs from your PHP web app.

                  And I think to open any QlikView file in an internet browser one needs to publish it using QlikView server then the document is visible on Access Point.


                  One thing that comes to my mind is, if you can somehow maintain a table that has the list of users and what documents they can access, then use that table in PHP so that when a specific user logs in he will see only those links to the QVW documents he is allowed to see. The table will basically hold the access logic details. On the PHP end you need to write the logic so that based on the USER ID it will show the links to the QVWs.

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                      Thank you sudeep.


                      Now how can I check the user in a table with QlikView and where would be declare the user name in QlikView?

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                          Kindly title your query in a proper manner.

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                            Sudeep Mahapatra

                            Please correct me If I've taken a wrong assumption. I think given below is what your scenario is.

                            1. You have multiple Dashboards (QVW) files

                            2. They are all deployed to QlikView server and accessible using Access Point web URL.

                            3. You have a PHP web app as a front application.

                            4. When end users log into the PHP App you want them see hyperlinks to those QVWs which they are allowed to see.

                            If this is what is your requirement then you can better handle the security at your PHP web app layer.

                            If you have a table with all the users and the list of urls or hyperlinks they are allowed to see, then you can write a database call logic in PHP to load that table's data specific to the end user who logs in.

                            For example if the end user id is R288 then in your PHP you may load the data from the user table using where clause (where USERID='R288'). Then it will show only those links what the user is allowed.


                            But I think it is always good to use the QlikView Access Point to access the Dashboard/QVW.

                            In QMC it is very easy to define the list of users who will only be able to see the QVWs.(known as Distribution List). Any user not listed in the distribution list will not be able to see the QVW thumbnail on Access Point.