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    QVS Off duty V11



      Could you please provide some assistance with the issue below?


      Issue: Qlikview’s access point reports error “Message: No Server”


      Actions taken to unsuccessfully rectify the issue: All the following Qlikview services were successfully stopped and started: Qlikview Directory Service Connector, Qlikview Distribution service, Qlikview Management service, Qlikview Server and Qlikview webserver. These actions did not resolve the problem


      Investigation:  the Qlikview management console reports under Status > Services that QVS@owdprddbsw002 is Off Duty.

      When I then go to Status > QVS Statistics > Performance > QVS@owdprddbsw002, under Off Duty there is the following message:

      Cluster Join Denied by qlvprdappw001-backup.optus.com.au. This could be because of mismatching version or document root 

      Servers in operation

      Please note that we only have Qlikview running in one single server. This server was restarted last week and since then QVS is Off Duty. I suspect a config issue, but i don't know where to start. Please help.

      Other info:

      Operating SystemWindows Server 2008 R2 Standard Service Pack 1 (64 bit edition)
      Operating System Version6.1.7601
      Wow64 modeNot using Wow64
      QlikTech ProductQlikViewServer 64-bit Edition (x64)
      Product Version11.0.11440.0