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    Swati Tomar

      heyy hii..


      i wan my googlemap.png file should look like heat map.png.....


      heat map.png is open layer map extension

      and googlemap.ng is google map extension

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          vikas mahajan

          Hii Swati,


          You have to Right Click chart > select color tab -> Set Image Option -> Select Image


          This is static setting . Please refer jpg I have attached.


          Hope this hep you.



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              Swati Tomar

              hii rahul..


              these map are extension not static chart...

              if i rght clik the map,its properties are like --see attachments

              heatmap property.PNG.pnggooglemap property.PNG.png

              ist show open layer property

              n 2nd shows google map property..


              In there map i am calculating sum(population) in both mapp....

              when population  is extrme high its show by dark color,then little bit light color then mro light...

              This u can see in heat wise openlayer.png