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    QV server with high specifications

    Gerald Schooten

      Hi All!,


      I'm looking for some answers regarding a hardware performance update. I have a current server which runs at 4 cores and 64 GB memory. But the problem is that the memory floods every time.


      The environment holds that there are approximately 20 to 30 users are active, but not all use Qlikview together. I have 2 Qlikviews around 800 MB. 4 QV's between 1 and 2 GB and 3 between 2 and 4 GB. And a lot of small Qlikviews.


      We have a STAGING, TRANSFORM and LOAD layer before the actual production qlikviews, and NPrinting for the distribution.


      The idea is to build a QV server with 2 processors with each 8 cores, thus a 16 core machine. Also to expand the memory to 128 GB's.


      Does anyone has experience with this kind of specifications and will it last for the next couple of years. The amount of users wil not rise extreme, the amount of date will rise.


      Many thanks for your answers.


      Kind regards,



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          Gysbert Wassenaar

          You can find an excel file here that might help you, but you should really ask your Qlikview account manager (or Qlikview Partner) to help you find the optimal specifications for your setup.

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              Peter Cammaert

              I guess Victa is their own QlikView partner.

              So as an alternate route, QlikTech has a few nice documents that handle scalability in detail. The best of which is this one: QlikView Scalability Overview technology whitepaper

              We have used this information to size a few machines and to good results.



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                  Bill Markham



                  In addition to the above I would suggest that you investigate what is happening with your setup currently, it may well help your sizing before you splash any cash.  A few questions that you could ask yourself are:


                  1. What makes you say you memory floods every time ?
                  2. You do not mention any End User performance issues.  Do they have them ?  If so any trends to them, as in maybe time of day............. ?
                  3. What is running on the server ?  You mention QV Server & NPrinting, are they both on the same server ?  Anything like QV Publisher or anything else ?
                  4. Publisher aside, how, on what server & on what schedule do you refresh your QVD's?  Weekly?  Daily?  Hourly?  Every minute ?
                  5. When was the server last rebooted ?  QlikView does run on MS Windows which every now then needs rebooting as opposed to Linux where 1,000+ days uptime is common.  [Don't get me wrong I do think QlikView on Windows is a great product, although if I hear the infamous QV.Next supports Linux I will be most pleased]
                  6. Where do you develop your qvw's & NPrinting ?  [I sure hope it ain't on your Production Server]
                  7. Have you analysed your qvw's?  Rob Wunderlich's document analyser Downloads - Rob Wunderlich Qlikview Consulting is a great tool.


                  Notwithstanding the above your current server spec is certainly small.  QlikView is a Multithreading, In Memory Tool and certainly needs a fair whack of CPU grunt & RAM.  I was talking to somebody earlier this week who is planning upgrading their Server from 500GB to 1 TB of RAM, although she was talking about a lot more users than you.



                  Best Regards,    Bill