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    Server Issue

    sujeet Singh

      I have 10 dashboard i am unable to see data in one dashboard ,

      The dashboard opens and pointer shows opening message on charts .But it last for a long time and no data populate in the charts while in filters frequency is displayed .I am unable to make any selection



      In audit log  file i get error as


      ErrorSystem.Exception: Failed to retrieve document list from the specified QVS

         at QMSBackendCore.Service.ServiceImpl.GetUserDocumentList(Guid qvsID)

         at QMSBackendCore.Service.ServiceImpl.Diagnostics.CacheDocumentAvailable()


      I don't know whether this error is related to the issue or not .

      i am using IE9

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          Bill Britt

          This error means when someone logged in QVS wasn't able to produce a list of documents they have rights to.  I don't think it has anything to do with the issue you are reporting.


          If the QVW is very large then it can take time to open it. If you wait a few minutes will the data show up?



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              sujeet Singh

              Bill thanks for your reply,

              No bill even i am having other much bigger Dashboards but they open at a click .

              No matters how much time i wait but the data is not coming it is always saying loading for charts .

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                  Sudeep Mahapatra

                  If this issue is reproducible in a lower environment like DEV or UAT then can you please clean this QVW, the related .SHARED files from User Document folder and then reload and distribute the document from Source Documents once again. Please do not try this option in a production environment which may cause removal of bookmarks and other server objects.


                  Also it would be good to verify how much memory this QVW is taking. You can check that in your local system. Open this QVW file and then open task manager and check memory taken by Qv.exe process.

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                    Jason Coggon

                    Are there complex or large distinct field (e.g. DateTime) calculated dimensions in the chart? this too can cause the graph to have a loading symbol or hang while viewing the app on AccessPoint.