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    Radar Chart - how to get it right?

      Hi Guys.


      This is the situation:

      I want to create a radar chart that will have as a Dimenstion all numbers from 1 up until =count({1} distinct [Account ID])) (1 to 87 in my example).

      I have many Expressions, each corresponds to a different field, and I need to count the [Account ID] that meets the current slection.


      For example:

      1. I have 30 account that meet condition 1, and I want a dot on a 1..87 Dimension

      2. I have 45 account that meet condition 2, and I want a dot on another 1..87 Dimension

      3. I have 12 account that meet condition 3, and I want a dot on another 1..87 Dimension


      Each of these dots should be on a different 1..87 Bar, hence creating the Radar. The conditions are calculated by using Set Analysis - no problem there.


      The problems are:

      1. when I use =count({1} distinct [Account ID])) as a Dimension, I get "Error in calculated Dimension". So I thought it might require a range as a Dimension so I tried this: =ValueLoop (1, count({1} distinct [Account ID]))).  Same result.


      2. All Expressions are calculated on the same Dimension. See attached.


      Thanks for your help!