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    Set Analysis

    Mina Patel

      I'm using set analysis to extract the value of one sales order but my joining tables do not bring back the relating information I wish to display.

      This expression works correctly:- sum({<[Oderlines.Ship Month]=>}[Order amount])+sum({$sum<[Orderlines.Ship Month]=>}[frieght Amount])


      This expression does work to some extent ([Order Amount])+ sum([Freight Amount]) , but when the detail is bought in not all the data is retrieved, therefore the set analysis approach was taken.


      can anyone tell my why when using this expresion sum{1}([Order Amount])+ sum([Freight Amount]affects the results, ie brings in all the records not the relating records.


      any help would be appreciated, as I'm very confused.com






















      Message was edited by: Mina Patel Please find attached an example document, I was also wondering is it better doing the set analysis in the load acript or as an expression?