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    Set Analysis: exclude selections on a single field only

      I'm putting together a profile of various course-level student statistics, which requires the selection of a single 'acacdemic year', and allows for optional selection across other data fields (e.g. subject, level of study, location of study). The table therefore displays a set of statistics for a single acacdemic year.


      What I also want to do is to draw in a couple of statistics for the previous academic year, whilst maintaining any of the optional selections that a user might make.


      At the moment I've got as far as this:

      count( {1<[AYR_BEGY] = {$(=Only([AYR_BEGY])-1)}>} [STU_CODE] )


      This works fine until (as expected) I make another selection on one of the optional fields (e.g. subject) because it continues to always show the full set of data for the previous year.


      Is there a way of altering the statement such that it only ignores selections on the AYR_BEGY field but takes into account all other selections?