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    SAP Report Connector Error: /QTQVC/OPEN_STREAM failed

      I am trying to connect to a SAP report through the connector but getting error when I execute the generated script. Below is the generated script and attached is the screenshot of the error. The error says "/QTQVC/OPEN_STREAM failed after 00:00:00 Key = SQL_ERROR (ID:00 Type:E Number:001 Comma without preceding colon (after OPEN ?).)". Please help. Thanks in advance.




      [Field0_Sales/PO Doc],

      [Field1_Orig Ord Qty],

      [Field2_Open Ord Qty],

      [Field3_Unconf Backlog Qty],

      [Field4_Confirmed Qty],

      [Field5_On Del Qty],

      [Field6_Sold To Party],

      [Field7_Sold To Name],

      [Field8_PGI Qty],

      [Field9_Prc per Unit],

      [Field10_Unconf Backlog Value],

      [Field11_Conf Val],

      [Field12_On-Del Value],

      [Field13_Locl Curr],

      [Field14_Unconf Bklog Val USD],

      [Field15_Conf value In USD],

      [Field16_On-Del Value In USD],

      [Field17_Cst Req ShDt],

      [Field18_Cst Req DkDt],

      [Field19_Mat Avai Date],

      [Field20_Cur Cnf ShDt],

      [Field21_Cur Cnf DkDt],

      [Field22_Original Conf Ship d],

      [Field23_Original Conf Dock d],

      [Field24_Acct Asign Grp],

      [Field25_Material Number],

      [Field26_Material Description],

      [Field27_Shp Plant],

      [Field28_Bill To Party],

      [Field29_Bill To Name],

      [Field30_Line Item],

      [Field31_Decument TYP],

      [Field32_Ship To Name],

      [Field33_Ship To Party],

      [Field34_Dist Chan],

      [Field35_Sch Line No.],







      FIELD_DELIMITER_POSITIONS (0, 15, 28, 41, 60, 74, 86, 100, 131, 139, 152, 173, 185, 198, 208, 229, 247, 267, 280, 293, 307, 320, 333, 354, 375, 390, 406, 447, 457, 471, 502, 512, 525, 556, 570, 580, 593, 606),

      SKIP (T (2), P (0, "├"), P (0, "┌"), T (3), P (0, "└"), T (5), T (6), T (7), T (8), T (10), T (11), T (12), P (1, "*")),

      HEADER (P (0, "!  Sales/PO Doc!Orig Ord Qty!Open Ord Qty!Unconf Backlog Qty!Confirmed Qty! On Del Qty!Sold To Party!Sold To Name                  !PGI Qty!Prc per Unit!Unconf Backlog Value!   Conf Val!On-Del Value!Locl Curr!Unconf Bklog Val USD!Conf value In USD!On-Del Value In USD!Cst Req ShDt!Cst Req DkDt!Mat Avai Date!Cur Cnf ShDt!Cur Cnf DkDt!Original Conf Ship d!Original Conf Dock d!Acct Asign Grp!Material Number!Material Description                    !Shp Plant!Bill To Party!Bill To Name                  !Line Item!Decument TYP!Ship To Name                  !Ship To Party!Dist Chan!Sch Line No.!Organisation!")));