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    FDIC Summary of Deposits updated with 2013 data

    Paul Van Siclen

      New 2013 FDIC Summary of Deposits data released last week and Bardess Group has updated the QV app on demo.qlik.com.  This is real market data and valuable to banks of all sizes.


      Qlik Demos: See QlikView in Action | Demo. QlikView.Com

      Here is some Q&A with the developer (Keith Smith):

      1. Did you make any changes to the template?

      A: None, other than the changes we discussed previously (enhanced legend help, additional field expressions in the dynamic report builder)

      2.  How many records are currently in the app? 
      A: 1.2 million fact records

      3.  How long did it take to get the new data in? 
      A: About one hour - FDIC posted data for the new year (2013) but also appears to have refreshed previous years – so I downloaded files for all of the previous years again.

      4.  Are we still at 93% compression rate? 
      A: Yes, at least.