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    How to allow user adjust the exchange rate ?

      Hi All



      I have the below script :-




      LOAD * INLINE [

      Currency_P, RATE_P

      SG, 1

      MY, 2.5

      INDO, 8300

      THAI, 25




      Now the exchange rate fix at 8300 for SGD to Indonesia. cannot be change by user , only developer can change.



      My issue :-



      when the currency exchange rate for SGD to Indonesia changes to 9000 ,  i need to manually modify the above script from 8300 to 9000.



      may i know it there a way i can make it dynamic . meaning user can change the value to 9000 default is 8300.



      So when user click on default it will return to 8500 , and they are allow to change to 9500 or any value they like.



      any solution ?