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    how to fetch particular datavalues if table is as follows

      Hello frns,

      Again having problem, please help.

      I have three tables as:


      Table1                                   Table2                              Table3

      pk_Col1     Col2                  pk_Col3     Col4                fk_Col5    fk_Col6  col7

      A1     B1                              C1     D1                         A2          C3          E1

      A2     B2                              C2     D1                         A4          C1          E2

      A3     B3                              C3     D3                         A3          C4         E3

      A4     B4                              C4     D3                         A1          C2         E4




      i want to access the data from table3 and col7 for the corresponding value of B3 AND D3

      means i want to fetch data E3 from table3 what expression i need to use..



      please reply as early as possible..