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    QMC - One document in different Categories

      Hello everybody,


      is it possible, to create more than one categorie for one document?


      I tried to separate more categories with a comma or a semicolon, but it did not work.


      The settings are made in QV 10 :


      QlikView Management Console -> User Documents -> Document Information


      Thanks for any help.

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          sunil jain

          You can create more than one categories for one document .  but for that you need to place same document in multiple mounted folder . otherwise , you can not set multiple categories to document of single mounted folder. Regards; Sunil

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              Thanks Sunil,


              I still have problems with the mounted folders.

              We are unsing Windows Server 2003.

              What exactly should we do?


              At the moment, we have the QV-files in folowing folders, because of access authorisation:








              How shell we mount the folders?


              Thanks again for your help.


              Regards,  NewQlikie

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                  Peter Cammaert



                  First make sure that your Document Root Folder is NOT pointing to F:\QlikView or some subfolder in the F:\QlikView tree. Make it point to some other folder, like the default C:\ProgramData\QlikTech\Documents folder. Clean out that one if you don't want the demo documents to appear in your AccessPoint.


                  Then add a mounted folder for each of the directories Einkauf, GF, Controlling etc. Give them a unique name. These names will appear in the Documents overview and help you in identifying the location of all those copies of the same document.


                  Note: by default, QlikView AccessPoint won't select a default category. Instead it will show all documents form all categories, causing your original multi-category document to appear three times.





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                     Here you need to create two mounted folders and two tasks to make it visible as two reports with different categories in access point.



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                    Hi together,


                    I have now a basic question.


                    Do we need to copy each QlikView-document in different folders to categorize them in different categories?

                    So we have the same document more than one time? So we need to reload all the copied documents also?


                    If it is so, it makes no sense for us to present one document in different categories.


                    Thanks again for your response.