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    what is EDX?

    rohit gupta

      Hi all,

      what is EDX? and how to impliment it

      please share the steps to impliment the EDX process.



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          rohit gupta

          any one have the idea about EDX please share with me...

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            sunil jain

            Electronic Data Exchange (EDX) is a technology using structured data formats and software translators to communicate information between two computer systems. Partners exchanging data agree to use the standard data formats and program their computers to audit documents, transmit them electronically to one another, and notify senders of received documents.


            EDX has been used for more than fifty years and began in the shipping industry. Although this technology has come to education more recently, its usefulness has been recognized by a growing number of industries such as banking, insurance, railroad, airline, retail, petroleum, and even research. By the mid-80s the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Accredited Standards Committee X12 was formed to develop national standard data formats to be used for a wide variety of applications in traditional EDI. More recently, the Postsecondary Electronic Standards Council has become the body approving national standard formats in XML, particularly for the education community.