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    Create an index and hide/unhide sheets

      Hello All,


      I have an application containing 10 sheets. Instead of showing all 10 sheets at start-up, I want to create and index sheet where user can select what sheets he wants and then start working with those sheets only. What would be the best possible way to achieve this?

      As of now I am using a list box with selection style override - windows check boxes properties. As user selects the sheets he wants, I am generating a string using 'GetFieldSelections([TabName])' and then using the show sheet conditional property of sheet to look for the particular characters in the string to display or hide a sheet. It works perfectly when user selects up to 6 options out of 10. When user selects 7 or more option the string becomes 'Excluding remaining options' and it inverts the selection. (Please see the attached qwv.)


      Now how can I implement the functionality where user can select any number of sheets and the corresponding sheets will get display accordingly.