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    What is it with the ... data-reformatting-wizard in QlikView?

    Friedrich Hofmann



      most of my apps are based on Excel sheets. Simple enough. The wizard makes it very easy to clean the data from blank lines which are in Excel often used for clarity, using either the line_nr or some condition on the cells'  contents or to transform tables.

      Now, the conditional deleting of rows from the base data is somewhat tricky - I often have trouble with it:

      => In my current base file, e.g. I want to delete the lines with the text "Ist Summe"/ "Soll Summe"/ "Delta Trainings" - I cannot make that for some reason - every time I run through the wizard and look at the outcome, those rows are still in...


      Can someone help me here?

      Maybe there is something I'm generally doing wrong with the wizard - though it's kind of hard to get it wrong...


      Thanks a lot!

      Best regards,