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    Setting bar chart colours based on dimensions


      I have a bar chart showing a summed value across all the values of a text dimension. I would like to highlight/change the colour of one bar based on a selection filter. The chart is created using a set analysis - so the formula is SUM({$}Value). This creates a chart showing all the sum of Value for each dimension.


      So far I have tried using a formula in the Background Colour option of the expression, and also using the formula in the 'Colors' tab. Neither if these seem to work... At the I'm using a static value to try and get it up and running - the formula I'm using is IF(Dimension='X',red(), yellow()) but it seems that the Dimension parameter isn't being passed through as all bars are yellow. Could this be because of set operator I'm using, or something else?


      Unfortunately I can't paste an example as I'm using sensitive data. Any help would be much appreciated though!