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    Best way to show differences between two similar data sets

      I am analyzing the changes in user permissions in a single system from two points in time: today and one year ago.


      Both data sets have the same 3 columns: Name (user role), Permission, and Level (read, write, edit). I have loaded to prevent syn keys.


      1. There were changes in the available Names (role). Some appear one year ago and not today, while some appear today but not a year ago. This is easy for me to analyze and I already have the delta.


      2. Some Names (roles) have different permissions, and perhaps even different levels between the two time periods. This is the hard part. How an I show the differences in a QlikView--either using flags or colors or some other method? Alternate States?

           E.g., AP Manager today has "Accounts Payable Graphing" permissions, but did not 1 year ago.


      Below is a sample of the data set, to a data set of about 80k rows. Thanks


      AP Accountant  - BelAccount DetailView
      AP Accountant  - BelAccountsView
      AP Accountant  - BelAccounts PayableView
      AP Accountant  - BelAccounts Payable GraphingView
      AP Accountant  - BelAccounts Payable RegisterView
      AP Accountant  - BelAccounts Receivable RegisterView
      AP Accountant  - BelAllocation SchedulesEdit
      Sales AdministratorTasksFull
      Sales AdministratorTeam Selling ContributionFull
      Sales AdministratorTrack MessagesEdit
      Sales AdministratorUnbilled Receivable RegistersView
      Sales AdministratorUnitsView
      Sales AdministratorUpsell AssistantFull
      Sales AdministratorUpsell SetupFull
      Sales AdministratorUpsell WizardFull
      Sales AdministratorWeb ServicesFull
      Sales AdministratorWork CalendarView
      Sales Administrator - SAMLAccounts Payable RegisterView
      Sales Administrator - SAMLAccounts ReceivableView
      Sales Administrator - SAMLAccounts Receivable RegisterView
      Sales Administrator - SAMLBank Account RegistersView
      Sales Administrator - SAMLCalendarEdit
      Sales Administrator - SAMLCompaniesFull
      Sales Administrator - SAMLCompetitorsFull
      Sales Administrator - SAMLContact RolesFull
      Sales Administrator - SAMLContactsFull
      Sales Administrator - SAMLContractFull
      Sales Administrator - SAMLContract ItemFull