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    BINARY LOAD - why doesn't it work?

    Friedrich Hofmann



      I will have to implement some complex KPI into one of my apps. It already exists - just not quite correct and a bit outdated - in another, so I thought I'd begin by copying that.

      It includes a BINARY LOAD. I copy-pasted that into the script in my app as the very first command on the "Main" tab - but it didn't work. So I deleted it and redid it using the wizard - but it still won't work.


      The context is this:

      - The datamodel is on the same server as the app, just in another directory on the same level

      - I am generally using relative paths in my apps
      => The code is >>> Binary ..\02_datamodel\datamodel_syncreon_mgmt.qvw; <<<


      When I used the wizard, it put the whole thing into square brackets - but it still didn't work, so I removed them for now.


      Can someone help me here?

      I guess once I have this working I will have to do a bit of consolidating for I have several other tables already in my app, among them a master_calendar that will probably be redundant - but first I have to get it working.


      Thanks a lot!

      Best regards,