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    How to define Qlikview license expiration

      Hi everyone,


      How would I go about defining a policy to automatically expire licenses that have been used for X period of days?


      We are finding that stale licenses are never recovered and we would ideally like to automate the process.


      I am relatively new to involvement with this product so any help would be greatly appreciated.

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          Philippe Grenier

          Hello Andrew,


          To my knowledge, this is not part of the features available on the QlikView server, nor through the API.


          You can imagine that if such a feature were available, SaaS could easily be implemented on QlikView Servers, licenses could constanlty be reused, automatically diminishing the number of licenses needed for an enterprise's user community. From a customer's wallet point of vue, this would be great. But, from an editor's revenue point of vue, not as much!





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            Peter Cammaert

            Indeed this is not a standard feature of QlikView. However, it should be fairly easy to do if you know your way around building your own system scripts and utilities. There is a QV Power Tool for managing users and licenses. It can both grant and remove licenses.


            See also this discussion Dynamic Doc Cal Deallocation for further suggestions.


            Good luck,