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    Triggered task stopped working

    João Nuno Duarte

      Good afternoon,


      In our company, we are running QlikView Server 11 SR1 on Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise 64-bit.


      In the management console, we have defined a series of tasks:


      Task A: Load a .qvd file hourly

      Task B: Distribute a .qvw document when Task A has succeeded

      Task C: Distribute other .qvw document when Task B has succeeded

      Tasks D, E and FE: Reload other .qvw documents when Task C has succeeded


      This working fine until the beginning of this week, when we noticed that Task C was not being performed. That is: tasks A and B were successfully run after having been triggered but task C simply was not performed: there was no e-mail alert nor failure.


      To solve this question, we have deleted all the triggers and defined them back from zero. However, the problem is not solved yet: tasks A and B are run as expected but task C is run only for the first or second hourly trigger. After that, the column "Started/Schedulled" shows "Not schedulled" and not the "When Task B has Succeeded" that should be there.


      This is most bizarre since our task-series always has been triggered without problems and this issue appeared without noticeable reason.


      So, according to your experience, I would like your help in order to solve this problem, as by now we have to perform the reloads manually.


      Thanks in advance.


      Best regards,


      João Duarte