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    Gauge to display Last month data

      Dear Community:


      Current month is October, but my Search data is one month lapse, which mean i have search data up to August only.

      May I know how to display Max(Month) which is August data?


      Current expression with error:

      =sum({<[Date]={"$(=Date(AddMonths((Date),-1),'DD/MM/YYYY'))"},Company={'ABC'},Year=,Quarter=,Month=,Week=>} [Search Volume])

      /sum({<[Date]={"$(=Date(AddMonths((Date),-1),'DD/MM/YYYY'))"},Year=,Quarter=,Month=,Week=>} [Search Volume])


      Previously i use variable as varMonthStart =MonthStart(Max(Date)) with expression as shown below:

      =sum({<[Date]={"$(=varMonthStart)"},Company={'ABC'},Year=,Quarter=,Month=,Week=>} [Search Volume])

      /sum({<[Date]={"$(=varMonthStart)"},Year=,Quarter=,Month=,Week=>} [Search Volume])

      But this will show September data which the data is not available yet...


      Anyone can help to twist the expression?


      Thanks and best regards,