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    Problem of calculation

      I have multiple tables in my database in qvd file my data corresponding to actual and budget is in the form of:


      Table A                                         Table B                                      Table C

      Col1    pk_Col2                                pk_ Col2  Col4   pk_Col7         Col6             pk_Col7

      Actual     1                                        1          500         A5           Total Assets     A1

      Budget     2                                       2          600         A6           Total Revenue     A2

      LEjan       3                                       3          700         A7          Current Assets     A3    

      Lefeb        4                                       4          800         A8          Sales Direct          A4              

      have to make a chart like:



                                    Actual     Budget     Prior Year          Prior year%

      total revenue          calculation     cal.     cal.                    cal.

      Current Liabilities     cal.               cal.          cal.               cal.

      total  Asset          cal.               cal.          cal.               cal.


      where these calculation is based on the col4 data corresponding to the dimensions as in chart. And i made the neccessary relation between tables by making the field name common.

      please help me in this task.