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    QVS log

    Kevin Wen

      hi buddy,

           the QVS evevt log, session log, performance log in C:\ProgramData\QlikTech\Qvs. these log if have the exist time limit?  retain 1 year 2year or forever if don't delete be man-made ?




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          Tresesco B

          Hello Kevin,

          AFAK, there is no such time limit. If you don't delete/archive the logs, the only thing happen is - your system space gets filled; if that can affect your system performance, then it can. The best practice is to archive the logs periodically, that may be manually or by using some batch scheduler.

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            jagan mohan rao appala



            There is no such limit in QVS, If you don't need you can delete/archive the logs, but QVS don't delete by default.  If you want to archive you need to do manually or some script (.Bat) using Windows scheduler.


            Hope this helps you.