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    differentiate between embedded QV and stand alone Installaion of QV


      I need to differentiate between my Embedded QV (OCX) in App and any other stand alone QV installation so I can prevent the QVW file created by embedded QV from opening in stand alone installation of QV.

      I wanted to use "Serial" of Section access but there is some technical issues in using "Serial".

      I wanted to use user Id and password of my App in the section access but because my scripts connects to database using ODBC so it does not matter whether the QVW is executed by Embedded QV or stand alone QV, it will have access to user id and password regardless.

      All other options available for Section Access like Domain user id etc are checked by QlikView internally and that will also turn out to be same for embedded and stand alone QV both

      Can any one of you help me here with some idea?