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    Chart questions




      I have several questions regarding chart:

      1. I have to use the same calculations is several charts. How is it possible to make one chart and use it sevaral times. (eg. If i need to change all of the chart then I have to change only one)
      2. How can I save the chart header footer to default?
      3. Can I program new fields depending on other fields values? (like in excel)

      thank you


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          Anatoly Pyatygo

          1. You can to use a variables and then use it in charts.


          vSales = sum(SalesAmount)

          and use it in chart expression:


          2. I don't understand what you mean

          3. Yes. you can.

          For example, in LOAD statement:





          Price * Quantity AS SalesAmount

          From ....

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              Thank you for the answer.

              1. I have to use a lot of the same chart, only the filreing is different. Now I prepare the chart, clone it, and filter it for different things. If my calculation is wrong, or we need some even smaller changes then I have to modify all the chart. Is there an option to have tha very same (not clone) chart in several sheet? It would be easier to change the calculation in only one chart.


              2. If you select a chart, right click print, select header/footer tab. There you can set the header and footer of a chart. I love to have the &[Title] in the center. There is button there Default. It reload the qlikview defaul footer header setting. If I can change the defaul, then Ido not have to chang the header chart by chart. The question is where to change this default?