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    Trellis option in bar chart - can I split the caption?

    Friedrich Hofmann



      I have a barchart displaying 14 values in stacked columns.

      I have now learned that those 14 values can be categorized into ´4 groups. So I implemented a second dimension "group" (from an inline table as it wasn't available otherwise), made it the first dimension and activated the Trellis option.

      The result looks quite nice, even with the remaining limitations connected with the Trellis option, namely that the formula_properties (colour, font etc.) cannot be used.


      However, the caption is somewhat unclear - there is only one caption with 14 values (and 14 colours), so that it's somewhat difficult to discern things.


      Is there a way to apply the Trellis option to the caption as well, splitting it into x shorter captions?


      Thanks a lot!