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    How to install and use AccessPoint

      How do you install AccessPoint?

      How do you use AccessPoint to access a document on a QV server through a web browser?

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          Sudeep Mahapatra

          You need to install QlikView Server,QlikView Publisher and  Webserver or IIS (this is where you need the Access Point site to be deployed)

          I think the webapp name is QVAjaxJFC that comes with QlikView package and which requires to be deployed on either QlikView webserver or IIS (you need to install QlikView with IIS support enabled). Once you deploy the site then you get the URL for your Access Point.


          Also there are bunch of configuration you will need to do using the QMC after all the server components are installed.

          I think there should be Installation Guide available somewhere. If I find any then I 'll add the doc here.

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            Peter Cammaert

            An AccessPoint is a web site that lists QVW documents made available by the QlikView services. An AccessPoint is made available as part of the basic QlikView Server installation:


            • Install QlikView Server Package on the host machine. It will include either QVWS (QlikView's own web server) or IIS support. The Publisher is not a requirement to get an AccessPoint up and running.
            • License the QVS Service by opening the Management console (http ://servername:4780/qmc/default.htm), selecting System->Licenses->QlikView Server->QlikView Server License and entering Serial number and control. Then press Apply License at the bottom right. Serial number and control will be sent to you by your QlikView partner when you buy a QVS license. This includes a number of user licenses.
            • Assign licenses to all users that should be able to visit the AccessPoint. This is done in the QMC at System->Licenses->QlikView Server->Client Access Licenses->Assigned CALs.
            • Put your documents in the Root Folder. The default directory is C:\ProgramData\QlikTech\Documents. They will be published straight away in you new AccessPoint.


            If all QlikView services are up-and-running, tell your users to open a browser and navigate to http ://servername/qlikview.


            Of course there are lots of other details that might require you attention. But these are the basic steps to launch a QlikView AccessPoint. YMMV.