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    qlikview 11 webserver tunnel error


           I upgraded from qlikview 10 to qlikview 11 enterprise server. User's who are using IE plugin are getting tunnel error, though they have updated the IE plugin. The user can log into access point, can see the document but when they click on the document the error occurs.

      I am not using IIS, instead qlikview webserver is used. The documents can be open in ajax but not in IE.I have gone through the forum but couldn't get the exact solution on this.

      My qlikview server is windows 2003. I am able to open the document in local intranet zone but not from some other location. The user who was able to access qlikview document earlier ( with qlikview 10) now more can access the document after the upgrade. There are no changes in the firewall and network settings.


      Thanks in advance.




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          Surprise to see no replies. Anyways, got it resolved by opening up the port 4747. With qlikview 10 it was working with port 80, but when upgraded to 11, I needed to open port 4747 which was strange. As noted in some of the blogs, first the request comes to 4747 when it fails then the request is transferred to 80. This was my assumption.




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              Bill Britt

              Hi Lax,


              Not sure why you didn't get any answers and I didn't see your post till now. This is strange being Tunneling is a default setting when you use QVWS. You only have to set it up if you are using IIS. I do find this interesting " I am able to open the document in local intranet zone but not from some other location" and you have blocked out the two things I need to see in your screen shot. But check the linkmachine name.



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                  Hi Bill,

                  This is after I gave the linkmachinename which is say 'my.qvw.com'. The blocked thing is same my.qvw.com. So the error starts with qvp://my.qvw.com, which is succeeded by iis_authenticate part, the tunnel part is ...tunneler=http://my.qvw.com.

                  I am not sure why the error url and the browser url are different.

                  The port 4747 on the server is open but is blocked in the firewall, so internal users i.e intranet users were able to open the document, but external users failed as there request were not allowed to enter.

                  It is strange to notice that with qlikview 10 external users were able to enter just with port 80, but with qlikview 11 it is asking for 4747 as well.