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    Can't access to section access in an other server



      My configuration is :


      Server 1 : MACINTOSH

      - Section Access Excel file

      - Autorize user qlikviewsrv to connect


      Server 2 : WINDOWS

      - Qlikview Server

      - Qlikview Publisher

      - Qlikview Apps

      - Access to server MAC with a Network Drive.

      - Qlickview Server user : qlikviewsrv


      My problem :

      If I open my document with qlickview desktop using my admin user qlikviewsrv, I can reload and I can access to server MAC for loading section access excel file.

      If I open the same document using the management console it can't access. I try to change credentials whith MYSERVER\qlikviewsrv but it doesn't works.


      Anybody has an idea?