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    Macro to show/hide columns on chart straight table


      Hi there,

      Does any one knows how to build a macro in order to show/hide columns from a chart straight table base on a field selection?

      I have a table "Metrics" with just one column "MetricName". In there i have 63 records with the different metrics i have. On that same document i have a chart straight table with one single dimension called "Skill" which has 63 expressions (which are the metrics). Now, i need a way to hide/show those expressions (columns) from that straight table depending on the selected fields of "MetricName".

      So i was trying something like "INDEX( GetFieldSelections(MetricName, ';', 63), 'Abandons' ) > 0" on the Condition of the column on that straight table. The problem is that i also have the "% Abandons" metric and as you can see the "Abandons" word exists on that string so selecting the "% Abandons" will also show the "Abandons" on the straight table. Also using strings on this kind of conditions could slow down performance i guess.

      I don't have any experience working with macros on QlikView so i don't know if this is possible. Can anyone please help me with a work around to solve this issue?

      Many Thanks in Advance [Y]