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    Rights to remotely refresh QlikView files

      I have a .Net application that remotely runs a QVD generator and refreshes 2 QlikView files.  It runs fine, but only if the user running it is in the Local Server Admins group on our QlikView Server.  Is there a way / a command line parameter I can use so that a user does not need to be in this group?

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          Vivien TEXIER

          He needs to be in QlikView administrator, if not it is not allowed.

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              Is this the only way?  The purpose of this application is to give a select group of users the ability to refresh certain QVD generators and QlikView files ahead of the standard schedule we have already implemented.  This group of people may run this once a week / month, whatever, but it more than likely will not be a frequent happening.  I would be very apprehensive to make these people administrators and thus opening them up to being able to do anything within QlikView just for the ability to run this one application.

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                  Michael Solomovich


                  You can use EDX reload.  In this case your users should be members of the "QlikView EDX" group, no need to give them admin level.




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                      I've not used this before.  From my initial research on this it appears as though I would go into the QlikView server and select the particular elements to refresh based off of external tasks.  Would this create an issue if these same elements are set up to run at scheduled times?  We want the ability for both, to be refreshed as per our desired schedule, as well as 'manually' refreshed if say a person updates one of the Excel files that is used for a QVD.


                      The application I have written to perform this task is written in VB .Net 2010, a Windows Form app.  As I mentioned, it runs fine if the user running it is a QlikView Admin (for security reasons the route of putting anyone who may run this as QlikView Admin is not an option).  I briefly saw an article making reference to the QlikView API and using a web service.  Would this sound like the correct approach to setting my app up as an EDX?

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                          David Vasseur

                          Il you have Publisher you can create two tasks: one scheduled and another one triggered by external event (EDX). Without Publisher, you can't have both (well, you can cheat and schedule the task using for example Windows tasks service and so always use EDX ;-)).


                          Indeed you can use the Qlikview API with a web service. This way, only the account used by the web service needs to be a Qlikview Admin (Qlikview EDX group would be enough BTW). But you have to somehow "secure" the call to this web service, for example to launch only one specific task.

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                        Михаил Стерлигов


                        I would have done: created QVW file it describes the required data load and store the result in a QVD. QVW published on the server and set up the auto-update. That's all, do not give anyone access - the system will update all on schedule

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                      Josh Good

                      If you put the QVW on a QV Server you can make the users Document Administrators.  They would then have the ability to kick off a reload job but not access other areas of the QMC.


                      Note I'm assuming you can put the QVW on a QV Server.