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    Qlikview WebServer and IIS Server: No Server in AccessPoint

      I have a Qlikview Webserver "WS1" that is internal with Full Installation and another server "IIS1" in DMZ that is installed with IIS only.


      The ports and firewalls are opened up between these 2 servers.


      I have set up the IIS App Pool and changed the Config.Xml  in IIS1 server to point to WS1. When I opened up AccessPoint, I got MESSAGE: NO SERVER


      The log within Web Server showed that it failed to connect to server.


      10/15/2013 17:25:08.9126448 Information Connect to server: WS1

      10/15/2013 17:25:29.9578542 Warning Fail Connect to: WS1


      Please share your suggestion on how to resolve the issue. Thank you