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    Visualize Resource Capacity

    Fred Schonenberg



      I'm looking for a way to visualize resource capacity.

      For example dep. Welding, 5 employees, 40 available hours per day (5*8).


      LOAD * INLINE [
      Project, Dep, Startdate, Enddate, Hrneeded
      1, Welding, 2013-10-1, 2013-10-31, 600
      2, Welding, 2013-10-14, 2013-10-28, 600


      We're probably not gonna make it with 1200 hours to go and approx. 920 hours available (23 working days * 40 hours).


      Any suggestions?
      Thanks in advance..

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          Michele Barini


          I tried to think somethings but it is very difficult.

          You have to add a calendar table with the working days, an employee table (with dep and parttimeif needed).

          But the problem I found is that from 2013-10-14 the 5 employees could work on project 1 or 2, not both

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              Fred Schonenberg


              It's exactly what I need to visualize.
              They can start Project 1 and produce 600 hours, finished before the Enddate 2013-10-31. After 15 working days they start Project 2, but there's not enough capacity/time to finish 600 hours before 2013-10-28.


              I'll have to visualize that there's a problem.
              Or maybe in the future visualize there's overcapacity.


              Would be Ideal if the number of hours required is equal to the capacity :-)