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    How to avoid "OLEDB connect to MSOLAP" to open dialog?

    Goran Korsgren



      I am connection to a MSOLAP cube and fetching some data.

      The connect string looks like:




      Persist Security Info=True;

      User ID=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx;

      Initial Catalog=Hello there;

      Data Source=xxx-sql1-prod;


      ] (XPassword is zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz);


      It works ok when I load/reload the application, but during the connection a "Multidimensional Connection" wizard pops up prompting me to choose location for the multidimensional database I want to use.

      All values needed are prefilled so I just have to click "Next" and "Finish" and the connection is done and the loadscript continues fine.


      I would like to get rid of this "Multidimensional Connection" wizard during my loads.

      Is there a setting for that in the connection string, or how can I solve this?