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    ORDER BY in resident load not ordering fields

    Tyler Waterfall

      Do you have any recommendations on either how to get the ORDER BY load statement for a RESIDENT load to work or a suitable workaround if this just doesn’t work?


      Situation: Concatenating several tables with identical column names but with varying date fields ([TimeStamp]) which I am trying to display in order in a straight table by a field ([SessionHeatmapDay]) which is MMM-DD.  I cannot get either the ORDER BY in the load statement or the sort by (in the straight table) to work on either field. I am even trying to create a numeric field num(TimeStamp) as timestampSORT to ORDER BY, but that fails too. It seems to maintain the original load order of the concatenated tables.


      Attached is an example w/ source QVDs.

      Using 11.20 desktop


      Any pointers would be helpful.