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    Moving App location to new folder

    Curt Daughtry



      The setup of 2 of our dashboards (each representing its own country) is currently contained within a single folder that is used for the access point. Below is an example of the file path to illustrate.

      App1-->     F:\Application\PerformanceDashboard\Country1_PerformanceDashboard.qvw

      App2-->     F:\Application\PerformanceDashboard\Country2_PerformanceDashboard.qvw


      All users with access are assigned to a security group which is set on the PerformanceDashboard folder.


      I am trying to separate each distinctly. I've put all the users for app1 in app1_securitygroup as well as app2 in app2_securitygroup. I've create two folders within F:\Application for each app, copied the files to the new folders, and set the security group on the folder accordingly.


      My problem is two-fold:

      1) I can't seem to move the licenses without some doc cals getting quarantined for 24 hours.....posing a major implication as it creates a hanging transition process. How can I manually remove the doc cals from the original app so that I can reallocate them to the app's new location?


      2) There are numerous (50+) tasks that are associated with these apps. How can I migrate these publisher tasks with the application so that they do not have to be manually recreated?


      Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.


      Also, I tried using the PowerTools utilities to complete these actions as a last ditch effort to no avail.

        • Re: Moving App location to new folder

          You can add the new location for the files to Distribution Service, then copy each task and paste them onto the new qvw file.

          This way you atleast don´t have to re-do all of it.


          If you only want to remove license information all toghter you can delete pgo files, this way you clean it out, and also "lose" all such information.


          However, if you are using DMS, meta files will also contain cal info.