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    Cannot delete Directory Services Connector Path

    Josetxo Josetxo Amonarriz



      We have several child domains from where we assign license to some users.

      They are defined under the QMC -> System -> Setup -> Management Service -> Directory Service Connectors -> DSC@servername

      One of those subdomains is unresponsive, but the system will not let me delete it. The message is the same as below, when I try to manage a document's licenses "DSC did not respond..."


      The bad part is that the Document CALs management is not possible because of this issue. When I try to manage the licenses of a document with users from that domain, the system shows a message like "DSC did not respond to request. Last exception (for http://192.168.xx.yy:4730/DSC/Service): the request cannel timed out while waiting for a reply after 30 seconds. Increase the timeout value passed ...."


      How can I delete those unresponsive entries?